You can find this song on Silent talking (track no.8)

You can find the sheet music for this song in the Lessons section.
The song has many bluesy bends with fusion style legato runs.
The song starts with a 4 -bar chords progression played on the piano and the guitar comes in the second time.
The A section is improvised using the A minor and A minor pentatonic scales. I also add chromatic passing notes.


I would suggest not using too much gain. Try turning the gain down and push the lows and mids for a warm sound. Too much gain can make the sound messy. The end result will be more musical and your notes will come out clearer.

Song structure Intro A B A B
Intro: Am7 – Fmaj7- Em7 – F
A: Am7 – Fmaj7 – Em7 – F
B: Am7 – Bb – Fmaj7 – Em7 – F – G