Behind Absent

Behind Absent 2019

This album contains 10 new songs.

This album is also availabe on cd.

You can contact me through the page and order it for 15€.


Toni Sundén new CD Perception

Perception 2018

I wanted to experiment more with synthesizers for this album. However I still used guitar for the melodies and rhythm parts. I´m planning on releasing music that I´ve composed using only synthesizers in the future where I´ll be experimenting more with different sounds.


Toni Sundén CD Silent Talking

Silent talking 2017

I recorded the songs for Silent talking quite fast. There are many songs that are completely improvised on this album. While recording the songs I wrote down the basic form of the song and then just added instruments.


Toni Sundén CD Toni Sundén

Toni Sundén 2017

I recorded my first album in 2017. At this point I had composed music for a long time but never released the songs. So I decided I wanted to record some of my music that I wrote from 2016 to 2017.

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